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IntegriTest came to Milk Bottle Design at a point where they needed to start approaching larger companies to become part of contractor supply chains. Milk Bottle produced a brand for them that could support their goals. Since the rebrand they have secured a number of new clients and have had to take on more staff to deal with the demand.

Base UFH

Brand Identity | Website | Document Branding | 3D visualisation | Vehicle Branding | Signage

Fibre First

Fibre First needed to do two things, they needed to attract new employees, and one of their largest bottle necks was the recruitment of skilled engineers. They needed to up the level of the confidence in their brand as they took on larger and larger contracts as they moved up to a tier 1 and 2 supplier 

Brand Identity | Website | Document Branding | Vehicle Branding | Signage | Photography | Touch point Branding

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