Honest branding for honest businesses

Equipping you to build your brand

1. Get Clarity
2. Make a plan
3. Create tools
4. Build & roll out

Are we a good fit?

Yes if any of these apply...

  • You are small or medium-sized business stuck or in transition or heading for a transition of some kind.
  • You have been really busy doing the same thing for a while but you are still not growing.
  • You want better/different/higher-paying clients.
  • You have outgrown your current brand and it doesn’t match your level of service anymore.

if you answered YES to any of these keep scrolling, we have a solution!

Step 1
Get some clarity

It starts with our FREE Brand Audit

You need to know where you are right now, and where you want to be, so you can make a proper plan. 

The great thing about this stage with Milk Bottle Designs is you will get this clarity for FREE, before you have spent a penny with us. Here’s a list of what we will discuss and give a score, so we know what we need to do to move you forward.

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Step 2
Make a plan

Step 3
Create your tools

Brand Strategy &
Brand Identity


Touchpoint design

Finally Step 4
Brand rollout

Once everything is signed off, we don’t just leave you to it with a folder of files. We will upload your new brand into your business, from updating a social media profile to organising signage for your vehicles and buildings. 

Boss Level Unlocked

Now you will have a brand to properly welcome bigger, better or different clients to do business with you.

Book your FREE Brand Audit today

Find out where you stand right now…it is free what do you have to lose?

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DIY Bulletproof Branding in 8 steps

I will periodically send out some more email to you in addition to this ebook, they will all be centred around branding for your business, these are not designed for designers, they will be designed for business owners, with practical tips for building your brand for the long term.